Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Birthday Love

  1. Well, the first full week of school is done and over with. The little boys are exhausted and Joe had a meltdown yesterday after school. This whole "get up early, go to bed early, behave all day" thing is getting to my kids. They love school, for which I am thankful, and I am impressed with both their teachers. The change in routine is just exhausting for them.
2. Speaking of exhausted, Cole has been falling asleep around one every day. He spent all summer not napping but I guess school is so much more tiring than swimming all day!

3. Yesterday, Adam and I went to a baseball game. I know, right? I don't DO baseball. Actually, I don't do sports unless it involves water. I haven't been to a game in years. But his project got seats in the all you can eat section and Adam really wanted me to go. We had great seats, the food not withstanding and we enjoyed the game... until the baby sitter went to the ER.

4. Okay, this wasn't my kids fault! She hadn't been feeling well and got worse that night. She didn't tell us because she wanted to hang out with the kids. That's so sweet but, as we told her, her health is more important. Her mom got a back up sitter even though we were ready to book it and either run home to the kids or to the ER to help her. Thankfully, she will be just fine!

5. Our team lost but the game was good and they played well.

6. My 34th birthday is today. This morning I took a long walk with the little boys in the stroller. I slapped on the Pandora station and what came on? A Thousand Years. There I am, hoofing it on the walking path, sweating, pushing 50 pounds of kid in the stroller, crying. I am not a pretty crier; my nose runs and I look horrible. I was wiping my nose on my shirt, snuffling, as I walked home. It's my BIRTHDAY. Songs should not make me cry on my BIRTHDAY.

And then I felt even more lame when I realized it was the song from Twilight. Sigh.

7. I have BIG plans this year. Mom and Dad are coming in. Dad and Adam are taking the kids to a ball game and Mom and I are going out to dinner. I baked an awesome cake and Adam got me "Oz , the Great and Powerful." Cake and Oz? Sounds awesome to me!

You know it- go over to Conversion Diary, read what Jen has to say and click on more Quick Takes. It's my birthday; ignore the housework!

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