Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It just got all real here, folks.

Hardcore, man, hardcore.

It seems Adam and I are "go hardcore or go home" about, um, everything, including our faith. If the four kids, daily Mass (when available), Holy Days, volunteering and such didn't convince you of this, then maybe this will.

We now have a one AM time slot for Adoration.

That's one AM IN THE MORNING, people.

As in, one hour after midnight, in the dark, when sane people are SLEEPING.

I'll back track.

Our parish, like most Catholic parishes, has an Adoration Chapel. This is a special place where the Eucharist is exposed- ie, it's out in the open, not locked in a tabernacle like it is in the church. Ideally, someone (or, many someones, rather) keep Jesus company 24/7. Typically people sign up for a one hour a week time slot to go into the chapel and sit and pray. This is Very Serious Business, so much so that, at our parish, no one was allowed in at all unless you signed up for an hour. Sometimes, the Adoration chapel is open to anyone (you just have to ask for the passcode) but thanks to the Crazy Church Lady, no one was allowed in unless they signed up for a weekly hour of Adoration.

Why the passcode? For the safety of Jesus and His peeps. In  some areas, people steal the Eucharist and desecrate it. If you believe, as Catholic, that this is the Body of Christ- literally- the idea of someone stealing and harming Him is appalling. Even if you don't believe it, it's just downright rude. Plus, you have people coming and going in the dark. A passcode to enter is also for their safety as is knowing just who has the code to get in.

While all this makes sense, many people were upset that they couldn't be let in, or be on a sub list, to come to Adoration as they were able or needed. I understand the need for safety but why couldn't someone in the office sign people in and out? Or have limited times when Adoration could be open for all. And yeah yeah you could go up to the church and pray before the tabernacle but sometimes, people need to be before the Exposed Eucharist and in private, ya know?

(Trust me. I know.)

Things have finally cleared up and settled down in life. The kids are older. Sleep is still hard to come by but I don't have a nursling anymore. A visiting priest spoke quite movingly about the need for prayer and Adoration. I guess Adam was so moved by it when a friend said she couldn't be at Adoration due to her husband's wonky scedualing, Adam said, "Why do you, myself and Laura split a time?"

Okay honey!

We agreed on the (really early) time of one am. I think this was a moment of insanity for all of us. And what do we do? Go to bed early? Stay up late? I'm not sure... but it will work out. It will be good. It IS needed.

I enjoy reading the Coffee with Jesus comic strip; never did I really think I would be having coffee with Jesus!*

I wonder if I can convince Joe or Cami to come with me sometime in the winter when school is out?

(Um, no, for those of you without a sense of humor I will not bring coffee into the chapel. It will remain in the car. But the sentiment remains.)

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