Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can you hear me now? phone edition

About a month ago, my phone began making a crackling, humming noise. I was sitting on the computer, getting an e-mail address off my phone so, for some reason, I thought maybe my phone was making a weird noise because it was too close to the computer. (It made sense at the time...) I moved the phone and plugged it, but it kept crackling. A few days later, I noticed that the photos it was taking were very, very blurry. Then it started sending text messages late. I would text Adam and he would get the message a week later!

Well, I can do without a camera on my phone but the late text messages were a bit disconcerting. I mean, what happens when I need him to meet me somewhere, pick up a kid or an emergency? I mentioned this to Adam, who said. "Hold on two more months, then you can get a new phone for free!" No problem there!

When we were at his grandparents house, Adam asked his grandfather if he wanted a new phone. Grandpa said no, his was working fine. Adam suggested we stop at the phone store, knowing that Grandpa's was also up for renewal/exchange and maybe we could get me a new phone instead!

We could! They said we could use the new phone for any phone on our plan. I selected the newer version of mine. I looked at a "slide" phone too. A few years ago, I didn't want a slide phone because I thought it would be too hard to text on it. Now, they are a smidge bigger, so I could use it easily... but you know what I would do? Sit there and flip the phone up and down, up and down, up and down... and break the darn thing. When I pointed this out to Adam, he agreed that the same, but NEWER, version of mine was the best option.

I had only one request. I had photos and video on my old phone that I wanted transferred. He assured me he could do it. I know it is a small, simple thing for them but it was and is a huge deal for me. I said that I would like the text messages transferred too but I was okay if he couldn't; it was the videos and photos I wanted. They helped me transfer some photos to the SD card and managed to transfer them to the new phone! Like I said, something so simple to them but it means a lot to me.

When I took the case off my old phone, I found peanut butter smeared on the inside of the case. Heh. The battery was also swollen and it did the weird clicking and humming noise for them too. Adam thinks we got me a new phone just in time before my old one bit the dust.

Oh! And as a special treat, I got a new pink Otterbox (some much more trim than my old black one!) and a new armband for running. My old one walked (ran?) away sometime after the DirtyDuo so I really needed a new one. I was shoving the phone into my bra and there's nothing like a sweaty, gross phone or boobs that Facebook people....

(What? Too much info?)

Anyway, my new phone is so sleek and Purdy and doesn't have peanut butter on it. I admit to being slow to load Angry Birds and Bad Piggies on it so my kids stop begging for it. I want to keep it sleek and pretty and smelling new as long as possible!

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