Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The End of an Era

At the beginning of the year, I wrote that I was excited about 2013 because it would be a major change-over for our family: one of the boys would potty train, we might ditch the sippies. In short, we would go from a "baby family" in baby mode to a family of . . . kids. Nothing special, just kids.

A few months ago, Adam and I decided that maybe the boys need big boy beds sooner rather than later. The little dudes still come in our room at night and hog the bed. We were tired of getting kicked and having to sleep on the floor or the bed. We decided to get them single beds now, so we could lay down with them when they went to sleep and sleep in their beds if they hogged ours.

Thanks to a pre-Easter sale, we scored awesome wooden bunk beds. They come apart, so right now they are two single beds (much to George's disappointment!). I'm looking at comforters but I am pretty sure they will be getting "the Owen" from the Pottery Barn Kids collection. I want to keep their bright green curtains and do orange and navy and this would match perfectly. The boys seem to be enjoying their new beds and only fell out once!

The other day, I noticed some of the sippies are beginning to crack. After four-plus years of multiple use, I'm not terribly surprised. I'm recycling them as they crack and not bothering to replace them. Both boys drink out of an open cup pretty well and really only want a sippy for milk for comfort.

George is potty trained! Although I recently had an article on NPN about the late potty learner, he's been mostly dry since Valentine's Day! All I had to do was go to an AWFUL marriage retreat and leave my mother in charge. She boot-camped George into using the potty. Aside from an intense love for his Grams, I am not sure how she got him to willingly go near the potty (I think juice was involved). I don't ask questions. I just go with it. (No, she's not for hire!)

I've been in and out of town for most of the month. I'm finally home for a bit and I sat down and cleaned ou the DVDs. I pulled out a bunch of ones to give to my parents to keep at their place. They are ones that the kids don't watch anymore and their younger cousins might enjoy.

I feel like we are transitioning  from the "bring em in" stage to the "get them ready to leave" stage. Okay, maybe not ready to leave- my oldest is only nine after all!- but it's interesting to be putting the diapers, sippies and big bulky car seats behind us and move onto the hormones and angst and...

Never mind, bring me some babies!


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