Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oveheard: Too cute, Bigfoot

George: I no yike [like] aye doctor. I yike BIGFOOT!

Please, please don't call the eye doctor Bigfoot. Please.

Cole: Bruh-bruh! (Brother!)

Joseph: I don't want to watch football, I want to watch the PUPPY BOWL! It has puppies, kittens a half-time, hedgehog cheerleaders and hamsters in a blimp! What could be cuter than a hamster in a BLIMP?!

I have to admit Animal Planet has something going with that show "Too Cute." It is probably the most benign show to ever hit the air waves. All it is are "puppy cams" or "kitten cams," documenting the life of a little of puppies or kitties. Viewers can watch the animals crawl, open their eyes, learn to eat from a bowl and, eventually, go to a new home. Is it educational? Sure, because they learn about the baby-hood of animals and random facts about the different breeds are thrown in. Mostly, though, you just sit around and say, "Awww, look at the cute widdle puppies!" Even the commercials are harmless!

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