Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Green-Paxx Fans!

Cool Caps and Straws from my review and giveaway last summer.

I recently noticed a huge jump in hits due to people looking for information on the company Green-Paxx. If you stumbled on this blog searching for them, WELCOME! Please feel free to hang around and enjoy the show!

Many of my long time readers might remember a review and giveaway I did last summer. I received a selection of Cool Caps and straws from them to review and giveaway with WaldenMommy and the Natural Parents Network. As you can see, we loved them!

On Friday, Cindy from Green-Paxx was on the View. I am so pleased she is receiving the recognition she deserves for her great products! Green-Paxx has really grown since I first did the review and they are ON FIRE!

You might be wondering what I think of her products several months later. We still love them! My daughter and I use them every day and they still look like they are brand new. There's no warping on the caps or straws, even though they are in the dishwasher almost daily AND we both chew on straws when we drink. (Bad habit, I know.) They are really well made and defiantly worth the money.

A big congratulations to Cindy and the entire Green-Paxx team! WAY TO GO!

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