Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Books, Pinterest and home decor

I've been on a "read everything in sight" kick lately. A few days ago I was trolling Amazon's freebie list and stumbled upon the book "Angela's Song." I'm always on the look out for Catholic books that appeal to the modern family. While I have some issues with the book (mainly with the dialogue and the flipping between past and present tense) it is a nice read.

I've also been blessed to read Jane Lebak's "The Boys Upstairs." It's a novella so it's a quick read and well worth the money.

Okay, enough about books! Onto PINTEREST! I've been bored with my decor lately. I know, I know... first world problems. A cheap and easy way to update my house is to print off those free print ables from Pinterest. At Christmas, I had an 8 by 10 frame with Christmas words and phrases inside. It was in that subway art style that is so popular and I just love. I can't find the link to the site but if I do, I will re post it!

I am not big into Valentine's Day, except where the kids are concerned. I love to help them make Valentine's for their class but I don't go all out or decorate at home. That said, I took the same 8 by 10 frame and put this Valentine's Printable in it.I love that it describes real love and it was part of the readings at our wedding. (Yes, and every other couple out there!) I also found a THOREAU quote about love! I might have squealed like a little girl on a sugar rush when I found it. I printed it as a 4 by 6 and placed it in a frame from my picture reorganization. My husband rolled his eyes but he can't complain because it is tasteful and free, the latter being the most important part,

I also did some basic "clean up" and reorganization. I moved the pictures on the mantle around (and pinned new ideas!), took down an empty frame and put up a cross stitch work I did long ago and mused what I should do with a random corner in the house. It's small and it needs something there. I found quite a few ideas at Target but I need to check Hobby Lobby too. My friend told me about a sale they are having.

I also might repaint the front of the fireplace. Adam does not know this... yet.

Speaking of Pinterest, Target and redecorating, someone is turning seven... and getting a "new" bedroom! We, and her grandparents, are surprising her with a freshly painted bedroom. I picked up some fun items at Target (on sale, woot!) to liven it up. I found a purple picture frame and two pink/cream bulletin boards. I'm going to wash her curtains and bedding and organize all her toys. I have plans to make sticker labels for her bins and do something with all the Barbies, American Girl items and stuffed animals.Oh, and craft supplies.
She has no clue about this and it is driving me nuts because I want to do it all NOW! Still, planning is half the fun and I can't wait to post pics!

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  1. We're planning to paint our dughter's room for her b-day, too. She's only turning six, though, and as she's developmentally delayed I'm not sure she's going to care all that least, until it's done. :)