Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: How to Torture Your Spouse Post-Op

  1. Adam had his ten billionth ankle surgery this week. Okay, it's really just his fourth. I told him that if he has another one, we either have another baby or get a puppy. It's pretty telling when the nurses at the surgical center recognize you! I joked he needs a rewards card.
  2. The surgery went well and he came home right on time. I think he was feeling a little loopy, though, since he called or sent me a text 3 times when I was at the drug store picking up his pain medications. I was just wandering around when I get a "Can you please pick me up some gummi bears?" Then, "Oh, and some of the Australian licorice I like?" And, "A soda, please?"
  3. The doctors gave him some great pain medication but a side effect is, um, not pleasant. I brought some OTC drugs to counter act the side effect. He refused to take it. After his mother and I described just how bad this side effect would be, the extreme measures the medical staff would have to take to help him if this happened and just how uncomfortable he would be, he took the medication.  
  4. This morning, he was feeling much better so I gave him a catalog, pen and paper and told him to help me out with my business. I'm not sure the New Year's Resolutions he came up with are normal or fit to send out on a flyer but at least he's not bothering me.
  5. Every morning I have been filling a picnic thermal with healthy, healing foods. Now, my husband eats pretty healthy and certainly MUCH healthier than when we were first married. But green smoothies? No. Unless they are his only option....
  6. Since he cannot do any physical work, I've sent the kids up to him to practice their reading. Listening to a first grader sound out words is right up there with Chinese water torture for him.
  7. He gets to listen to me prattle on about anything and can't run away.... *evil grin*
(For those of you without a sense of humor, my husband and I have a loving relationship and I am taking good care of him. We joke around alot and he doesn't mind helping me with my business or with the kids' school work... usually. The green smoothies are another matter.)

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