Saturday, December 15, 2012

Honor them.

I don't normally post on weekends but something has been really, really bugging me.

In the aftermath of the Sandy School shooting, most of my Facebook feed has burned up with prayers for the victims of the shootings. This doesn't bother me. However, a few groups or friends have posted, "This shooting strengthens my resolve to homeschool!" or "I am so glad I homeschool!"


Just. Don't.

This shooting isn't a result of the public schools and their real or perceived failures. This shooting is the result of a mentally ill man who, for whatever reason, went to a school and killed teachers and students. Period. Stop.

Slowly news reports are leaking out about teachers and other staff members who risked their lives to save their students. They risked everything to protect children who are not their own, but who they love very much. They loved them enough to lay down their life for them.

Imagine that.

Every day I send my children off to a public school. I put them in the hands on complete strangers and entrust their safety and education to them. In a way, I entrust the lives of my babies to them.

See, I was a teacher and I know the joy and frustration that comes with the job. I know the intense love a teacher feels for her class and how he or she will do anything- anything- to protect the students.

The staff at Sandy Elementary proved that yesterday.

In light of what happened yesterday, please leave  your homeschool vs public school debates in the gutter. Instead, step out and honor the adults who willingly risked (or gave) their life for the children in their care. Honor the great love they had for their students and for the great sacrifice they made for these little children. Honor the fact that everyday they give children the gift of education and, yesterday, they gave them the gift of safety. Of life.

Everyday, I place the lives of my precious children in the hands of teachers. I am honored that my children have the gift of being loved and protected by these professionals.

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