Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sh!t People Say to Parents of Preemies

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November is Prematurity Awareness Month. In honor of this month, I bring you . . .
Sh!t People Say to the Parents of Premature Babies
(I have no video skills or I would do a video, trust me!)

"You are so lucky that you didn't have to endure nine months of being pregnant!"

"But he's not sick, right?"

"Did you do drugs?"

"You must have done drugs."

"Those babies aren't really sick. The doctors just want to keep them in the hospital for the money."

"What do you mean that he can't be touched? All babies want to be touched!"

"Are you pumping?"

"You're going to pump, right?"

"Why aren't you breastfeeding?"

"I don't need to wash my hands!"

"You're too worried about germs! Kids need to get sick to build their immunity!"

"Is he going to be one of those deformed kids?"

"Why are you trying to save him? Don't you know that he's just going be in a wheelchair for his entire life? Do you want to spend your entire life caring for a handicapped kid?"

"He will be just fine."

"Why are you worried? He's fine."

"Is he going to die?"

"I once knew a baby who was born xyz weeks early and now they are a high-powered doctor. You are worried for nothing. These babies will be just fine."

"Why can't my four year old visit? She just wants to hold the new baby!"

"You should bring your children to visit the new baby. How will they learn to love their new sibling is they can't visit?"

"How can you spend all your time at the hospital? You should be at home with the other kids."

"How can you be at home with you other children? You have a sick baby in the hospital!"

"What did you do wrong?"

"If you had used a midwife, this never would have happened."

"I don't see what's wrong with him. He looks fine to me."

"It's all for the best."

"It's God's will." (Note: these are completely different from, "I am praying for you/ thinking of you." That is okay. The ones listed above are not!)

What crazy things have people said to you?


  1. I hate when doctors say that it was perfectly normal for me to have my water break at exactly 37 weeks and be in labor 35 hours and never progress beyond 1cm. No, not normal. Also not normal? That my son went to the NICU two times for low blood sugar because he wouldn't eat.

  2. It's like a domino effect, right? Water breaks, body not ready, baby not ready, baby tired, baby not eating... I am sorry all of you had such a rought start!