Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Giveaway Goodies and Fab Freebies!

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Did I mention I have a Fundraiser going on for Baby Sean? No? Well, I do! Get on over there and let's raise some moola for this family!

Why? Well, according to the March of Dimes, it costs 250 dollar A DAY to keep a baby alive on a vent. One dose of surfactant is 1,500 dollars. Georgie had two doses; some babies have more. Of course, add in the costs of IV nutrition, around the clock nursing care, the isolette (over 2,000 a day), therapists, doctors... you get the idea. While Georgie's bill was high (around 100,000 dollars, not including labor, delivery or the transfer) I know families with millions of dollars in medical bills... and they just keep coming even after the baby came home. They need our help, love and prayers, as all preemie families do.

Besides, on a purely selfish note, you could get a cool Thermal lunchbox for your kid for $5! A nice, high quality one for five dollars! No? How about a thermal that could work as a purse (the Cinch it up) or some zipper pouches? Come on... you know you want it!

On a light note, Code Name: Mama is whooping it up for her Facebook fans. Go see what you could win! There are over 550 dollars in prizes... and, yes, a Thirty-One Thermal is included! 

It has been hot, hot, hot this summer. Our neighborhood is baked brown and I feel like we are living on the surface of the sun. I have been sucking down insane amounts of iced tea in a giant tumbler topped with my Cool Caps and Cool Straws.For some reason, I drink more when I drink from a straw. Go figure.

In (former) preemie related news, Georgie said his name for the first time! Cole's SLP asked Cole to say "thank you, George" and Georgie said, "thank you, Dorde!" We nearly fell off our chairs. He said it again! Now, of course, he can't/won't say it but HE SAID HIS NAME!

Speaking of speech issues, Cole is doing so well that he is now on an every other week session! Yay!

In bad speech news, George screamed at his SLP for 45 minutes. It took him that long to say one word- book. Sigh. Private speech has not been going well this summer and we are trying to figure out the next step. More on that later.

Our Garden of Squash is in full force and Peter has proved he is indeed a pumpkin. There are pumpkins growing on the vine! Ah... pumpkin muffins will commeth!

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