Monday, July 16, 2012

My fave 31 products

(In conjunction with the Thirty-One Gifts Fundraiser for Baby Sean I am doing a couple posts detailing a few of the products and what you can use them for. This is by no means everything in the catalog or how to use them- the possibilities are endless!

Please go here to view Thirty-One Gift's summer 2012 catalog. Go to pages 24-25 to view the Hostess Exclusive Items- items you could WIN the chance to purchase if you donate to Baby Sean!

Prices and products are good through Aug 31, 2012.)

Perhaps my favorite item Thirty-One Gift's offers is the Large Utility Tote (found under Utility and Home and pages 6-7). I have three of these: one in Circle Spirals with our family name on it for the pool/car/picnics/travel/everything, one in Pin Dots for the large cars in the toy room and a final one in Aqua Circle Spirals for display.

Large Utility Tote in Circle Spirals

the inside

These bags are great for:
  • laundry hampers. My son has one in the Spirit Navy with his name on it. It is so sturdy and matches his sports themed room. I bet this would be great for a college student to use as a laundry hamper and you could even get it to match their school's colors!
  • the pool! It easily holds towels and snacks for our family of six. Yes, really!
  • grocery shopping, especially at warehouse clubs. Pair it with the Market Thermal (under "Thermals" on pages 4-5) to keep items cool- or warm! (Yes, the Thermals can keep food hot OR cold!)
  • in the car to keep clutter contained.
  • store sports equipment. That's part of a t-ball set you see inside.
  • We used it with the Picnic Thermal (under "Thermals" on pages 4-5), which fits perfectly inside the Tote, when we traveled. The Thermal kept our drinks cold while the Tote kept the rest of the food handy. It was easy to grab the entire bag and take it into the hotel- multiple trips NOT required and both my hands were still free!
  • store out of season clothes
  • hold shoes instead of just tossing them on the floor
  • and so much more!
A Large Utility Totes is $35. Buying this qualifies you to purchase a mini zipper pouch, zipper pouch, cinch it up thermal, littles carry all caddy or thermal tote for $5. How about paring it with a coordinating Thermal Tote or Cinch it Up Thermal to keep food and drinks cold at the pool? Both fit inside the LUT so you only have to carry one item, leaving both hands free to wrangle kids!

A Thermal Tote in Awesome Blossom
(Organizing Utility Tote in Awesome Blossom behind it)
Snacks AND lunch for three kids and an adult fit inside!

Yup! It really does! (It also hold a divide lunch container, that
Sigg bottle and several small snacks if you want to use reusable
products with it.)

A Zipper Pouch is large enough to hold an iPad or sunscreen. You could even put a few pool toys in the pouch to keep them contained until they need to be used. A mini zipper pouch is perfect for an on-the-go emergency kit- antibiotic cream, band-aids, epi-pen, benadryl and so on.

A Picnic Thermal ($35) fits inside the LUT. This makes it the perfect solution for picnics, sporting events, the pool and more! A gallon of milk and a large jug of juice fit easily inside, as I found out when our fridge died on us. (And, yes, it kept everything cold!) If you purchase the LUT and Picnic Thermal, you will have spent 70 dollars and can get TWO items from the Monthly Special for $5! Depending on what you purchase, as much as 38 dollars could go to Sean! How awesome is that?!

Another product I love is the Mini Utility Bin.

Mini Utility Bin in Black Parisian Pop


This one stays in the kitchen to hold sippy cups that Cole has dumped out of the drawer. It has also been used to hold "clutter." I know alot of people who keep on on the stairs for items that need to go up/down. It's pretty deep (a large Kitchen Aide mixer bowl fits easily inside) and can hold alot of toys- Lego or Barbies would be great in this bin. Camille uses one to hold all her hair doo-dads. My sister lines one with a plastic bag and uses it as a trash can in the car. I've filled one with feeding supplies (burp cloths, bottles, pumping supplies, etc) as a baby gift.

In fact, pair this with the Organizing Utility Tote (shown above) and a Littles Carry All Caddy for $5 you will have a great baby gift for someone! The Organizing Utility Tote makes a nice, roomy diaper bag. The Mini Bin could be filled with feeding supplies to keep at a  nursing station and the Littles Caddy would be perfect filled with changing creams and wipes to sit on a changing table! If you donate $7 to Sean, you will have helped another baby AND be entered to purchase something cool for yourself!

Oh and to sweeten the deal? Personalization is $5 all month long! Yep, five dollars, no matter what font style or color you pick!

Remember this is a BIG week on my blog! I have a GreenPaxx Giveaway going on with NPN, the Thirty-One Gifts Fundraiser and another giveaway with Code Name: Mama (details tomorrow!). Keep checking back in for more information on the giveaways and go here to purchase items for the fundraiser!

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