Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whew! What a Week!- Round up!

It's been quite the week, what with TIME Magazines cover and all. I've been reading articles, information and opinions about it until my eyeballs wept, bleed and my vision blurred- all at once! I could paste links upon links here and I will... but not alot.

Hobo Mama has a great collection of information in her Mother's Day Sunday Surf- and it includes yours truly!

I love the article,This is What Extended Breastfeeding Really Looks Like by Kate Wicker. I admit to being a HUGE Kate Wicker fan! I read and reviewed her book Weightless and it is probably one of the best non-fiction Catholic books I have read.

In non-TIME news, please read Code Name:Mama's article about Bloggers for Birth Kits. It is chilling to think that one in seven women would die in childbirth. Because of our time in the NICU, I know many women and children who would have died without modern medicine... and I do know a mother who passed away due to complications of her daughter's birth. (Yes, is happens in America too.) It's amazing how something as simple as a 2 dollar birth kit could literally save a life- or two. Wouldn't it be great if organization devoted to the well being of mother's and their families (ICAN, LLL, MOMS Club, MOPS, church groups, pro-life organization and maybe even youth groups) got together and had a party to stuff bags for this organization? You could have an awesome time with  your friends and help a fellow mother in a developing country! Score!

Today is Mother's Day and we've had a simple, relaxing weekend. Adam took the children yesterday so I could write and close out a party. We went to Joseph's baseball game and huddled under blankets against the cold and wind. We all went to CFA for dinner before heading to Trader Joe's. After baths, Cole had a nasty  full body hives reaction to some soap we used (!!!!!) and I wrote some more. Today was Mass, a trip to the mall and house cleaning. Adam deep cleaned my car (which is more for him than me!) and I folded laundry in peace and quiet. I sorted DVDs for a trip and went through all our CDs, matching discs to covers. (We really need to enter 2012 and use the MP3 players and iPad more!) We are having steak for dinner and probably will have the three year old with us past his bedtime, since he is taking a late nap. (Grrrrr.) I hope your Mother's Day is just as wonderful... and that your children go to bed earlier than mine will!

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