Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I really hate mornings.

I am not a morning person by nature but I am not a late-person either. Adam says this means that I just don't like being awake, which could be true. However, I can't seem to do more activities, or do them better, early in the morning or late at night. Scratch that- I can be a very effective house cleaner when I am pregnant and unable to sleep. But that just sucks.

Life would be so much better, cleaner and more organized if I could drag my tushie out of bed well before the kids wake up. I still have the "the baby isn't sleeping" excuse, but now the baby is two. I am not sure if that is more lame or just plain pitiable. Plus, he's a bed hog. I love co-sleeping but I don't love sleeping on the edge of the bed and waking up with a Charlie horse cramp in my neck. Something's gotta give and I need to figure out a game plan to get the two year old asleep, in his own bed, for the majority of the night.

Anyway, that is what it is. I am too tired to get up early in the morning and too tired and worn out at night to do more than the minimum of chores. The kids have been extra whiney lately, and have been no help. Adam is traveling, so I am solo-parenting it. I'm not sure how parents whose partners are gone alot manage. Perhaps they are better parents than I am, have more energy, are more organized or just don't blog about it.

I'm going with the latter. Everyone (barring, you know, child abusers and stuff) is a good parent, in their own way. I doubt people have more energy than me; most parents of four I know are pretty tired! I'm pretty organized, actually. I'm going to go with "they don't blog about it."

I know what I have to do... get Cole to sleep through the night. I have a vague idea of how to do it. First, his WCC is coming up and I think an ENT is in our future, as he seems to wake frequently at night, has occasional apnea spells and is tired alot. I'm going to lay him down, awake in his bed and sit and pat him and read on my iPad until he falls asleep. And I have to do this at a time when someone else can take care of George and I can sleep/nap during the day.

I'm considering this school year a wash. We're shaking things up over the summer and going to start fresh in August, when the new school year starts. Until then... I'm buying more coffee.

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