Thursday, April 12, 2012


Although I keep and hand down much of my children's clothes, they still seem to be lacking in at least one area every season. The biggest culprit is Joseph, who has no one to hand clothes down to him and is hard to shop for. And have you tried to look for clothing for boys over the age of three at consignment and thrift stores? NOTHING... except dress clothes which, apparently, they don't wear out.

Why do retailers always want to put rude or nasty saying on shirts meant for young boys? No, he will not be wearing ones that talk about how he hates school, his siblings or homework... or anything else for that matter. Thankfully, he is somewhat easy to please. He loves sports and sports teams, so baseball and basketball team shirts are his staple, with some dogs and trucks thrown in for good measure. No one seems to shop at Gymboree or GAP for their older boys, so the clearance section is often marked down cheap.

(Little boys are not exempt from clothing no-no's, though. I saw a St. Patrick Day shirt that said "You are Lucky You're Not My Parents." Um, okay? What message does that send about your toddler? Not one I want my kid to send!)

That said, we do have clothing rules and guidelines. Pop over to NPN to read more about them!


  1. You and I have similar guidelines to clothing for our kiddos. My children have the fortunate tall gene from their 6ft4in father and are very tall for their age. It's great that my daughter will be a forward for soccer or basketball and my Apraxic son will tower over any potential bullies, but when it comes to dressing them, it's tough. Clothing for my daughter is always way too old for her 6 year old ways of thinking. She wants the cute knit dresses, tunics and leggings that her smaller friends have. She won't wear skinny jeans and half shirts with tank tops under them(thank goodness!). My son who just turned 3, wants puppy dogs and cars and trucks - not all the crazy graphics or pictures of characters he's not allowed to watch or know about just yet. I'm thankful to Landsend and Hanna Andersen when I can catch a sale, or my kids might have to go around naked. ;)

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