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There are so many things I am behind at blogging about. To do a post on each one that would do them justice would take a week. Suffice to say, I have alot of my plate now- so much, that I need a platter to hold it all!

Cole turned Two:
The day before Easter, my baby turned two. I didn't do a big party for him because we have so much going on and well, it was the day before Easter. Instead, we took him to a local restaurant where the train brings you food. The kids LOVE it but Adam and I are "meh" about the whole thing because it is pricey and the food isn't that great. But you only turn two once!

When we got home, the little dude was spoiled with his gifts:

Yep, he got his very own scooter and helmet! He loves it! Grandma and Grandpa gave him some books and I have been reading "Hippos Go Berserk!" all day. He really is beginning to love books and likes to read his own book while I read to him. His fave word is "owe." The child will gently bump into something- on purpose!- and say, "Owe!" and laugh. His other fave phrase is "Ah poo." I think he just does this when he toots but it's pretty funny.
That said, his speech doesn't quite seem to be where it needs to be. I have no (okay, well maybe a few!) worries about Apraxia and no (really!) worries about SPD. Although I did hear an "uh-duh-duh" phrase from him the other day (which made my blood run cold for a moment) he seems to be either mimicking George or has a run of the mill ELD. I called our local EI group on him and they are calling me back to schedule an evaluation. We'll see what they say. I figure at least my fears will be calmed... or realized... but I still hold to my " a little EI never hurt anyone" theory.


 Photo shop was made for my family. Just once, I want a decent holiday photo of all six of us. Well, I can dream, right?

Cole's romper is a custom order from an Etsy Shop, Betsy Bug Creations. Sadly, it looks like they were just closed but I was very pleased with her work and assume her daughter will do the same.

It was a quiet Easter here. The kids each received a book, art supply stuff, candy, and a few small toys. I purchased items on sale well before Easter, so the damage wasn't too bad. (The real damage came the next day, when I hit the 50 per cent off sales at Wal-Mart and stocked up for Joe's FC party!)


Thursday, I was slammed dunked with a migraine. I laid on the couch all afternoon, dozing in and out sleep, wondering how my children could misinterpret "leave Mommy alone." I couldn't take my medicine because it can really knock me out and I won't do that unless there is another (conscience) adult with me. It was better overnight, even though I was randomly up at 2:30 am.

Friday was a bit better. I managed to nap in Cole's room, with Cole on my chest. Camille and George played quietly and came in frequently to ask if they could play outside. (NO!) I wonder why the kids will sit on the couch all and watched TV alllll daaaay looong when we need to be somewhere but when I give them permission to watch TV, build a fort, anything that is normally forbidden or in moderation... nope, they want everything but that! I managed to pull together dinner and today I did alot of laying around. I called my mother for advice, since she is my migraine go-to person:

Me: Mom, if I take sudafed, Motrin, my prescription medicine, and allegra, will it kill my headache or me?
Mom: Are you serious?
Me: I think I'm only sorta kidding.
Mom: Um, do you need to go to the ER?
Me: No. I need my headache to go away!

For the record, I wasn't seriously thinking of taking all the medicine, I was desperate. Thankfully, I am not as badly affected as some people I know; I just have a nasty headache that won't go away, become dizzy and nauseated.

Apparently, my family ceases to funcation when I am sick. The state of my house was pretty nasty. I told my mother that I will have to rise off my death bed just to have the house semi-presentable for my own wake. And on that, I am NOT kidding!

Thursday was made more special in a gross fashion. Camille lost her first tooth! God has blessed me with two children who will pull their own teeth- THANK YOU, AMEN. (I can handle birth, placentas, poop, anything but TEETH.) She pulled it out and ran to show me.  I had a moment where I was worried she did this herself, since she has been hankering to loose a tooth since Joseph lost his first one. But, nope, the other tooth is nearly half way through!

I've made it!:

Friday was a pretty miserable day, aside from it being Joseph's birthday. That afternoon, I recieved a message from one of our NPN founders that my article, Our Clothing Guidelines, was picked up by KellyMom on FB! To say I am shocked and thrilled is an understatement! KellyMom is THE breastfeeding resource. I've looked to that website for information on nursing after a surgery, breastfeeding a preemie, starting solids, a tongue tie- you made it, it is my go-to resource. In fact, it is the go-to resource for LOTS of mothers out there and is pretty well respected.

I called two of my best friends and loads of Valley-Girl type screaming ensued. When I sent my husband a text, he said, "This is good, right?" Yes, honey! No, I won't get paid or anything and the article was just used for discussion on FB but I have NEVER had anything I've written, for this blog or NPN, picked up by an outside parenting source.

And, oddly enough, I've written about pumping, nursing, weaning, extended breastfeeding, formula feeding... and an article about why we wear what we wear got picked up???? I guess it just goes to show that you never know what will spark a conversation!

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