Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hopping baby bunnies, eggs and pictures

Georgie has been alternating between giving me fits and blindsiding me with how much knows. He's refusing to cooperate for his therapist at the hospital. It is to the point that we are considering taking a break from this therapy. He has a week off this coming week, so we are going to see how it goes with that session. He still needs the additional therapy and his school SLP has given me some tips so we'll see how things roll with that.


Suddenly, all my shoes fell apart (no joking!) and I have been dragging the kids around shoe shopping. We went to DSW and I was trying to look at shoes and try to make sure the kids did not detroy anything. I heard Georgie saying "deee!deee!" over and over again and I thought he was just jargoning on. Then I turned around and saw him pointing at the giant "D" on the back wall. "George," I said, "can you find the S?" He nodded and pointed to the "S." Adam thinks he's picking up things from when I work with Camille. We joke that we'll have the only kindergardener who can't talk but can read!


Georgie is obssessed with eggs. Since Easter is coming, this is giving him a great chance to say "ay-guh! ay-guh!" I brought up the spring/Easter books the other day and he dragged up the little book about Sarah and her bunny Buttercup. He kept pointing to the rabbit saying, "ho'! ho'!" (Not "hoe" more like "hop" but with a very soft "p" sound at the end. It was the end of the day and he was dropping ending sounds, unable to pick them up.) He would hop around the house and when Adam sat to read with him, he said "Ho'! ay!" ("Hop! Egg!" in other words, the rabbit was with the Easter eggs.) It was amazing to see him sit and listen to a story. A year ago, he wouldn't go near books at all.

After the story, Georgie pointed to the rabbit and said, "Ho'! Duh! Hump!" and made an eating noise. Adam asked him if Higgins eats rabbits. He laughed and nodded. Not funny.

Later that night, Adam came up to me and said, according to George, rabbits now say, "peep. peep." I asked him where he got the idea that rabbits make that noise and he said they found some baby bunnies while working in the garden. Before I could melt into a puddle of mush, he told me that Higgins found the nest and ATE THE BABIES. I was HORRIFIED that the dog ate BABIES in front of my baby! Adam said he couldn't really stop him, since he by the time he realized what was going on, the dog had eaten then and "they are really a one-glup deal." I guess since the dog ate the Easter bunny, my husband is out of luck for candy this year, right?


Joseph had his First Communion pictures today. I got him all dolled up in his suit and he put up with the adoring attention of two photographers. The pictures came out great! I'm really pleased with them. I had a moment, though, when he was all dolled up. Wow, he's really grown up. He looked so handsome!

Baseball season has begun which means life as I know it has ended. I don't mind, honestly, as I am glad my kids are in sports and active. Cami, Georgie, Cole and I ate dinner at the school where practice is held and played on the playground. Joseph was hot and tired when he was done. He's so busy but he seems happier when he is reasonably busy.

Georgie was enthralled with the kids playing soccer. At one point I heard, "Me. Ball. NET!" I think he wants to play!


Cami is trucking along with her sight words. I got my Thirty-One Bags order and she likes her lunch bag. I'm pleased with the quality so far and if her lunch bag holds up well, I'll buy one for Joseph. She's doing well in TKD; I just need to get on the ball to help her earn stripes.


Cole is busy. The boy is insane, doesn't sleep and wants something... but won't tell me what. Heaven forbid I not give him a BA (milk) which he won't drink or do something like use the restroom. He also is back to climbing on tables and then looking at me and laughing, because he knows he should not be up there. Oh and not sleeping. So kind, huh? Good thing he's ab-so-stinking-lu adorable!

The kids, I swear!

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