Thursday, February 16, 2012

Train Thief

Last week, Adam had to go to the mall to meet someone to sell them something we had on Craigslist. The buyers were coming from another town and they deicded that the mall was a good middle place to meet. We all went with him for breakfast and some shopping. I was way too excited about this; I had gift cards to spend and wanted to get out of the house. (Sad, right? I used to go to the mall a couple times a month to walk around and window shop but I can't now because it would interfer with school pick up.)

While Adam was doing his business in the parking lot (yes, I know how that sounds!) the kids and I went to the bookstore. I sat and sipped my coffee in somewhat blissful silence as Cole and Joseph played with the train track. Ah, peace.

After a bit, Adam came back and I wandered off to look for a couple books. I found what I needed and by then, the older kids were antsy and ready to go. I told Cole to run the trains around the track one more time and then it would be time to get in the stroller.

I turned away to pack up and when I turned back, Cole was trying to climb into the stroller. I leaned over to help him and praise him for getting in by himself. As I went to move his leg out from under him, I saw a little wooden train. Laughing, I pulled it out.

And found another.

And another!

Laughing harder, Camille and I pulled out a total of six trains from his stroller! We put them on the table and he lunged for them saying, "MINE!" He grabbed a couple and shoved them under his bottom, clearly intent on taking them home with us. Everyone was laughing and we had to pacify him with one of our own wooden trains. Still, he was not amused that he had to leave all of "his" trains at the store!

My little thief! I'd better keep an eye on him! :)

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