Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catholic Pride Day!

Happy Ash Wendsday people! It's Catholic Pride Day! Go to Mass and wear your Ashes proudly!

No, I am NOT leaving the internet for Lent. I'm giving up junk food, going out to eat (as a family) and making it my goal to mosey to Confession several times and (hoping!) Stations. This year is the first time since 2008 that I have had to fast. I am doing "okay" fasting. It's... going. Not good but not horrible.

We're headed to Mass in a bit and then having a late dinner of slow cooker potato soup, minus the bacon. Of course, I forgot and popped in chicken bullion cubes. Now, I'm not clean on whether bullion or broth is allowed on meatless days but I try to avoid it. Sadly, the soup was already cooking when I went, "Oh, SNAP!" Ah, well. I'm pretty notorious for forgetting and eating meat on Fridays... but I TRY to remember!

Today was a perfect 50-60 degree day. Cole and I ran errands in the morning and then Cole, Cami and I cleaned out the garage. I swept while the kids played and then they helped me clean out the car. I have no idea what my kids do in the backseat but it was nasty and crumb filled. It also smelled weird. Heh. We've been enjoying this super warm winter but the downside is that I have clean out the garage and car on a regular basis! I can't use the "it's cold and yucky" excuse.

After organizing the laundry room, I am now organizing the home office. I want/need a nice filing cabniet that is not metal or plastic. Of course, all the ones I like are 200 dollars. Right now, the office is at the "giant mess" stage and my goal is to have it done and cleaned up next week. We'll see.

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