Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Goal- MET!

I don't like filing.

I really, really, REALLY do NOT like to file.

When Adam and I were first married, he was in charge of the filing. He knew what we had to keep, so I put him in charge. The problem was, his idea of filing was "Let's leave the paper all over the office so I can see everything!" and "I just know where it is." When I got fed up and went to file, I couldn't figure out his system OR his handwriting. He admitted, "Yeah, people could probably figure out whatever system you come up with better than what I would figure out." Uh, yeah. So, I took over the filing.

Did I meantion I HATE to file?

I haven't filed anything in a LONG time. It was "can't find my desk" long time. I had neat piles, but they were unorganized. This Decemeber, I finally said I would suck it up and make it my goal to get the papers organized, filed and (are you ready for this?) keep on top of the danged filing.

Last week, the filing cabneit vomited all over the floor. I began to sort and organize paperwork. I banned the children from our bedroom (which has the office attached to it) so they wouldn't play in the paper work. I began a giant shred/recycle pile and got to it.

Yesterday, I told Adam that if he gave me several kid free hours, I could finish it. Within three hours, I was 90 per cent done. I had a pile of items I needed Adam's help with, so I stopped for lunch. I didn't get back to everything until the evening, when Adam popped in and said, "You know, you don't need to keep those."

I don't?! SCORE. My life just got easier!

After the kids went to bed, he sat with me, we drank a bottle of wine and went through some paper work with a fine tooth comb, so to speak. We have THREE large bags of papers we can shred. I have a basket of file folders (all filled up!) that need to be placed in their respective hanging folders in the cabniet. (I have a hanging folder that holds the folders for different creditr cards, one for medical folders, one for household items, one for investments, etc). I have a small (yes, SMALL) pile of school papers that I need to figure out how to organize. (Any tips on organizing and keeping school work for each child?) There's one SMALL pile of paper work that needs a home and several bags of recycling. THAT'S IT!

It feels SO GOOD to have it done. My desk looks much better! Now I just need to stay on top of the paperwork this year!


  1. Way to go!!! Doesn't it feel great. I love that you guys finished it over a bottle of wine. Isn't it amazing what you can get done in a few hours of kid-free time? For the special school papers I have an under the bed bin for each girl. It goes in there. I figure if it gets full I'm keeping too much. I've heard of people taking photos of some things and not keeping it. The girls love it when I let them get their box out and look at the papers. I don't keep them in their rooms so they don't get destroyed.

  2. Wow, that is GREAT! I am jealous! Several kid-free hours is key, I think. I really need to do this, I know it would feel great to get done and would be easy to maintain once it's all organized.

    I have no tips for the school papers (and kid art, for me), though man, I am intimately acquainted with this issue. My oldest produces a LOT and wants to save it all. I am trying to be ruthless, but am not very successful. Right now the most successful things is an under-the-bed tub that I stash it all in.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I hope to get to this this week, too!

  3. Thanks ladies! I will have to try the under the be method. Maybe I should make it my goal for Feb to get all the school papers organized?