Thursday, December 15, 2011

This bothers me

There are alot of things about Christmas that don't big me. Santa praying before Jesus? Not my cup of tea, but not offended. Nativities where the holy family are animals, vegtables or, um, anything but people? Eh. People who put what decor before Christmas Eve or, conversly, way before Christmas Eve? To each his own. Whatever.

But this article about a bill board that shows Mary holding a pregnancy test? This bothers me.

I'm not sure what the intent of this is. I am all for images or articles that are to stir up respectful discussions or debates. This just doesn't seem respectful. I mean, yes, of course, Mary was surprised. Didn't she question the angel about how she could be pg, seeing as she is a virgin and all? But I doubt she would be surprised when she had all the signs of being pregnant. And, no, I don't think she would use an HPT. I think for the Blessed Virgin, an messanger sent straight from God Himself would do just fine.

It's not the pale, blond haired Mary that bothers me; I think it's supposed to look like one of the European paintings many people are familiar with. Historically inaccurate? Yeah but familiar.

Maybe it's because I have always loved the nativity. Maybe's it's because I have a closer relationship to and understanding of Mary since I have had my own children, especially Georgie. Maybe it's because I love the announciation, visitation and all those prayers.

But maybe it's because some of the reponses I have seen have been downright disgusting. I don't read the comments section of articles much but the one I did see was, "Well, my caption for this would be Thank God there's a Planned Parenthood down the street!" My response to that is, "WTF?!" I think that is totally over the top. I think most people would agree that jokes about abortion are not amusing but jokes about aborting the Son of God? Excuse me? I understand that not everyone is Christian or likes Catholics or what have you but that is totally insenstive. I can't imagine a similar comment about aborting someone important to another religion going over well... why is this okay?

Sigh. Anyway, I'm going back to blogging about my cute kids, apraxia and fun holliday things... but this is just something I don't like at all.

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