Monday, December 19, 2011

Project Sweet Pea

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As a mom of a NICU graduate, I am always looking for articles about the NICU. This afternoon, I stumbled on Project Sweet Pea's blog via Facebook. Although the blog seems to deal mostly with infant loss, they have several great articles about dealing with the NICU and loads of ideas on how to support parents of current NICU babies.

How to Advocate for Your Child in the NICU has some great tips on how to work with the hospital staff and just when you need to be a pain in their backside.

Prenatal Diagnosis and Preparing for the NICU addresses common emotions and practial tips for preparing for a NICU stay.

If you follow their blog, you can recieve updates on fundraisers for children with special needs and learn about many support groups for parents. They also seem to be linked with alot of BTDT parents who have had children with genetic disorders and would be a great way to connect and know you are not alone.

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