Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dinner thanks to Pinterest

I have been having way too much fun on Pinterest and planning for meals that fit with the 100 Days of Real Food challenge. Last night I made Garlic Parmesan Chicken. I made whole wheat bread crumbs from the heels of the bread we normally buy and a couple leftover slices from a loaf we didn't like. (I tried a new kind and it was pretty dry so no one liked it. But it made good bread crumbs!) The only change I made was to use some shredded parmesan in the coating. I used the stuff normally found in the green can for most of the coating but added a slight sprinkle of the nicer cheese from a bag. The chicken was very moist and juicy!

I also made Rosemary Olive Oil Bread. It has some white flour in it, but not alot. It went with the chicken very nicely and, as far as bread goes, was pretty quick to make.

I served that dinner with steamed green beans and leftover potatoes, reheated in the oven when I cooked the chicken, with a little garlic, OO, salt and pepper. I'm trying to serve two veggies at dinner and, when the weather warms up, two veggies and a fruit. This, Adam is behind because veggies are good for you! Sadly, I have not yet informed him that the Cheesy Corn Bake al la Jack Stack does NOT count as a veggie!

I think the above dinner would count in the real food challenge. Adam is still not 100 per cent on board but he's getting there.

Tonight's dinner, though, definatly doesn't count but it sounds yummy! I am making a pot roast in the slow cooker. I have some leftover rolls and Rosemary bread and the potatoes and carrots are in the slow cooker with the meat. Hoping it turns out as well as last night!

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