Friday, October 14, 2011

If several people tell you the same thing...

Does that make it right?

Well, in this case, yeah.

I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. No matter how often (or not) we see each other, we manage to pick off right where we left off. It's like no time has gone by. These women pray for me, and I for them, love my kids like they are their own and are all around general rock stars. And two of them happen to be the godmothers of my youngest kids.

I saw Georgie's godmother Friday. She brought her youngest with her and I had the two little dudes. With three little blond boys running around, two of whom are only two weeks apart in age, we got asked if they were twins. Or triplets. The latter amuses me, since Georgie is clearly older a couple heads taller.

ANYWAY, K has the uncanny ability to know how I am feeling without me telling her. She knows the real dope on what it like living with G, without me calling her crying... or saying anything. She's been with him since the beginning and was one of the first people I called when my water broke. She's been praying for him (and me) rather unceasingly since then.

I confessed to her that I feel guilty for even thinking of going to the gym when G is in preschool. I simply cannot right now; the child care is too much for G. And to be honest, Cole isn't a big fan of it either but he gets over it. He's unhappy, but he deals. Master George and his SPD does not "Deal" in any sense of the word and I pay for it later... for a long time.

K reminded me that by taking care of myself, I am taking care of my family. In 50 years, the kids will thank me when I am not a grouchy bedridden woman who cannot take care of herself. G will likely be in preschool four days a week and if I go to the gym for two of those four days, I will still have two days to be with just Cole and do loads of fun things with him, like storytime, playing at the bookstore, the mall, shopping, snuggles and naps... all those things that I did with Joe that I miss. (Alot but that is a whole nuther post.)

The next day, I saw D, Cole's godmother. After she filled me in on her recent trip, we talked about the same thing- exercising and making time for ourselves. She gave me some tips from a parenting class she is taking at our church, one that I wish I could take. She said the same thing- if we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of them family.

That same weekend, I had a "squee" moment. A friend gave me a sample bag of all sorts of goodies. Some of it was for babies (diaper cream, mother's milk tea, nipple cream) but some was for me- lotions, body wash, shampoo. All of it was all natural and organic. I LOVE little things like that and I am looking forward to using them... as my reward for going to the gym. (I always shower at the gym in peace and quiet and this will make it extra special.)

I think the universe at large it smacking me upside the head and telling me to take better care of myself. So I am. Or, er, I will. It's been a long, emotional three years since Georgie's birth. It's time to fully pick myself up, dust myself off and get to (dare I say it?) the gym.

Yes, I know, Cole. But right now I am going to commit to two times a week. I think I can suffer... I mean START with that. Then I will still have two days a week to spend with just Cole, going to story time, running errands and keeping up with the house. Friday's will still be our shopping day, which the boys love, and a day to just hang out with friends.

I hope I lose some, if not all, of the weight before our trip in March and a family reunion in July. I know I will feel better about myself.

I guess when someone tells you to "jump" sometimes you just have to do what they say, eh?

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