Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And so it begins...

Working our lives around therapy, that is.

It seems like after Labor Day is the start of everything around here, except school. School begins in mid August, when it is still hotter than hades. Religious education, therapy all that begins after Labor Day.

Georgie had speech therapy today. He refused to cooperate for his SLP. She said she expected that, since he has had several awesome weeks. He wanted to watch Netflix on his iPad instead of using to for therapy. No go, kiddo. We are deleting the Netflix app, since the kids fight over it and Angry Birds. I'd rather use it for the touch-talk programs and the other therapy programs, like talking Carl and animal noises.

Tomorrow he has Gymboree and we have several errands to run. He also starts horse therapy.

Thursday is some cranial work with our chiro.Camille also has a couple classes.

Friday I have a couple appointments but those shouldn't be a regular things.

I'm happy, though, that we are finally "getting it on" with therapy! Hopefully, we will see some more improvment soon!

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