Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, that was an interesting start to school.

Like I said about two weeks ago, I am really trying to get up and going first thing in the morning. Part of it is because I just need to get cracking before the kids wake up. The other part, of course, is because school started (today!) and I am watching one of Joseph's friends before school. I want everything to run smoothly in the morning, esp in this first few weeks as we work to adjust to a new routine.

Last night, I got everything out. I doled out vitamins onto plates, packed Joseph's lunch, cleaned and prepped the coffee machine and picked up the living room. I awoke to my alarm and was up and dressed while Cole slept, even though he had been feverish and fussy the ngiht before.

(Fussy is an understandment. He was a screaming maniac banshee at Joseph's baseball game the night before. He had a fever of 101 when we got home so I dosed him with motrin and put him down to bed.)

Joseph was super tired from a double header baseball game the night before. (Who sceds a bunch of second grade boys for a double header the night before school starts?! WHO?!) He fell asleep in the car and then dragged himself to bed. I had him shower in the morning, and he wore a crisp new baseball shirt to school. Camill was ready to rock and roll in her new "kindergarden rocks" dress.

I thought Camille was just nervous this morning, because she ate very little of her bagel and was quiet in the classroom. When I picked her up, she didn't chatter about her day and fell asleep on the way home from Sam's, completely missing the chance to get new dance shoes. She was very quiet and not at all whiney-quiet. I was afraid something had happened but...

She got sick all over the dining room floor. Blerg.

She was really upset and Joseph was upset because I had said we were going to get Arby's for dinner. This is the second time we've canceled an eat out trip because his siblings did something... but he handled it pretty well. I mean, he got to watch Mythbusters and Shaun the Sheep  over and over again!

So, Camille is missing her second day of kindergarden and I'm worried the little dudes are going to get sick. Adam isn't home and I'm holding on... the good news is that the morning went smoothly, and the house is sorta clean. I'm up on laundry, for now, although none of it is put away. Georgie went to bed easily last night and tonight, which either means he can now put himself to sleep... or he's really sick!

Now, what am I going to do with Cami tomorrow?

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