Thursday, August 25, 2011

transition meeting

Our first meeting to transition George from IT to the school district went well. Awesome. Damn near PERFECT!


We met with the social worker and our FSC. We were all on the same page. They discussed Georgie's needs and were pleased that I had written down every one of the 25 words/sounds he has and the random phrases he has said once. We talked about the possiblity that he has some anxiety issues, his eval at the local hospital, his hearing and of course, his speech.

In the end, they told me that in Oct, he will start going to the preschool 4 times a week. For about a month, they will evaluate him and then, close to his third birthday, we will all sit and write his IEP. For George, he will just keep going to school like always. For the rest of us, the writing and signing of his IEP marks the transition from IT to the school district.

In the past few days, I have written his name, phone number and address more times than I can count. I have piles of paperwork to take to the dr (for his and horse therapy) and a check list of documents I need to get. I need to work on helping George understand what is going on, drinking enough to keep me sane (I'm slightly kidding... but more on mommy guilt later) and figuring out who goes where and when.

This is the best thing for him, although it is the end of an era for the rest of us. I pray he thrives and makes buddies in school.

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