Tuesday, July 12, 2011

But he can climb!

ColeBear is 15 months old.

He doesn't walk.

Please note the use of the word "doesn't." He CAN walk. He took his first solo steps around 12.5 months- late for our babies but right on time for babies as a whole.

And then he stopped.

Oh, it's not that he isn't mobile. He is!

The little stinker can climb! He climbed on my parents table, the toy garage, the chairs... all while crawling to get where he wanted or MAYBE using the push car.

And he can stand just fine, thank you very much.

But walking? Nope!

He took several solo steps about a week ago and was toddling after Joseph and Camille before laughing and falling flat on his face. Then he stopped.

He can so a perfect breaststroke kick, slide off the side of the pool, swim underwater and blow bubble. Walking? Walking is for the birds!

Just today he was taking solo steps of his own accord. Then he would laugh and face plant. Hum. Not sure what to make of this refusel to walk. With this strong will, I know I am going to be in trouble!

(My friend says Cole doesn't know how cool walking is. I say he doesn't know how much trouble he can cause by walking!)

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  1. It can be so crazy when your child is in a transition stage. Teddy isn't crawling yet but he is just now getting up on his hands and knees and moving like he's going to. At 10 months I feel like he should be crawling but honestly, I'm in no rush to have him be that mobile. I'm not prepared and neither is the house!