Saturday, June 4, 2011

This is why I have no friends!

I was at baseball tonight, listening to a conversation going on behind me. A dad was talking about how his son was a month early but a big baby, almost 11 pounds at birth. He went on to say that the kid had pretty severe reflux and at five days old,, the dr said, "He's a big boy who needs lots of nourishment and that (formula) isn't going to be enough for him." He then went on to say that they had to put rice cereal in his bottle and it was so thick, it was like paste but he gobbled it up. All the parents agreed that rice cereal "doesn't hurt" and it is just extra nurtients anyway.

The dad talked about how they felt their son had reflux and needed medication but no dr would take him seriously until the child was 8 or 9. They had to watch the child because certain foods would make him physically sick . . . and "we still have to watch him since he is borderline Type Two diabetic!"

Nope, that rice cereal never hurt anything. *head desk* I know rice cereal is sometimes perscribed for kids with reflux but is seeems that every child I know who started on that super-early has health problems. Yes, EVERY child.

The parents then went on to say that they did not breastfeed. One mom admitted she is uncofortable breastfeeding. I understand and to each his own. But the conversation was gearing dangerously close to, "breastfeeding is icky," so I turned around.

And you know what? It's cycle day 3 of my second post partum cycle. My uterus has come out of hiding and it is ANGRY. She is demanding iced tea, french fries and mass amounts of carbs. I need to massivly clean this house and have had two sick toddler this week. I just filled out medical forms that gave me a massive PTSD flashback and reminded me just how delayed my kid is. I feel like I have been trapped in the house forever ... but I also don't care.

"That's funny because I FOUGHT to breastfed my two babies. Georgie was a NICU baby and had trouble gaining and maintaining his weight. This one (Cole) had an unusal tounge tie and was thisclose to being sent back to the hospital for failure to thrive and dehydration. It took multiple trips to different ENTs to find someone to clip it. Thankfully, he is still nursing!"

While I respect everyone's right to  make a different choice, I really didn't want to sit there and listen to people slam breastfeeding. I've done both and I am happy and confident with my choices and after seve years of parenting, I'm not putting up with nonsene to the contrary.

And it's cycle day three and my uterus is bitchy.

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