Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Speech Batman!

With a giant helping of PRAISE THE LORD and THANK YOU JESUS as the main course!

This little turkey:

Has, in the past week and a half:
signed "more" without being prompted, asking for something to eat
said, "It bieeeg" in response to "Georgie, what do you think of the train?"
said, "No, Dad!" when Adam took something away from him
kept saying, "ridere!" (right there!) and pointing to the pool
signed, "Thank you!" to his sister, without the sign being prompted.

This other turkey

 at fourteen months, says:
muh! (more)
points to his tray for food
says something like "ridere"
neighneigh (horse)
I did it!

And these two goof balls:

 are never quiet!

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