Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Travel Tips Edition

The Packers Staduim. We go every year. Yes, EVERY. You should be envious. I think. Except that we go EVERY year.

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When you pack, take a day's worth of clothing (socks, underwear, shirt, shorts) and roll together. Then you can grab a set of clothes every morning without digging for everything. Plus, you get tons more in your suitcase!
Minimize- one reuseable bottle (water) or sippy cup per person. One reuseable coffee cup per adult. Wash or rinse every night in the hotel and air dry. You can bring or buy a small bottle of dishsoap to use if you want.

Bubble! Keeps babies, even rear facing babies who like to scream in cars (You know who you are, Cole Robert!) happy. Added bonus? A cute little baby voice saying, "Bub-ble."

Snack traps. Fill them with snacks for little ones (or big ones) to keep them from playing "dump" on the floor of the newly vacuumed car.

Laundry soap. Not kidding. It makes my life easier when I simply plan on doing a load or two before we leave. I come home with mostly clean clothes and don't have wet or dirty clothes rotting in my suitcase. I know, I never get away from laundry and it will haunt me forever.

Chargers for everything and the plug in car charger adaptor thingy.

Minimize. Take only what you need for clothes and maybe an extra day or two of outfits. Do laundry there. Make sure your shoes match multiple outfits. Make sure shirts can be worn with different shorts and so on. Don't take all the DVDs and their cases; take the DVDs all in one small, portable case. The kids get one bag each and ONE pillow, ONE blanket and TWO lovies. PERIOD. (Ask my husband about the time his sister took all the stuffed animals on their Annual Trek Up North which is now OUR Annual Trek Up North. Go on. Ask.) Oh and said kids are in charge of their own backpacks. *evil grin*

We go on vacay and all I got was this chocolate face.

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