Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plate Spinner

Cole has a great future ahead of him as a plate spinner:

He took his first solo step at Joseph's baseball game last night! He let go of the push car and took a step. I cheered for him and I swear he said, "did it!"

I got a message in my in box from a baby company entitled "your 14 month old." Well, he's not 14 months for another two weeks but, wow, he really is growing up so fast! Not my baby-baby anymore. I predict he will take off walking at the highly un baby proofed hotel  in a few weeks or at his great-grandparents house with all those enticing nick-knacks.

He's outgrowing his shoes so I got him a pair super cheap at the local cloth diapering store and then another pair on-line, as the first pair is big. He scored some new outfits since he doesn't really have many summer outfits and, of course, they match or coordinate with his brother's. He loves, loves strawberries and sits in his chair saying, "muh! muh!" (more! more!) whenever we eat. What a goofy kid. He still can't drink from a sippy or straw cup and my  normal tricks (like using a juice box or a sippy without the valve) don't work. I'm not sure if he is just a goofy kid or if it relates to his tounge tie but I hope he drinks out of a cup soon! Holding the open cup for him is messy!

Now if only the little turkey would stop teething and sleeeeep at night!

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