Monday, April 18, 2011

A lazy day

It's weird that a good day is defined as:

  • visiting a friend who has a sick kiddo and leaving my daughter there for a spur of the moment playdate;
  • playing bubbles with the little boys;
  • convincing Adam to FINALLY, after 16 months, hang up the danged quilt in the baby's room;
  • cleaning up only half a box of dumped rice krispies (unlike the time a certain toddler dumped an entire, new, box of Fruit Loops on the floor);
  • watching the toddler (ahem, GEORGE) feed Higgins his dairy and gluten free lunch and not count every single penny of that expensive gluten free food go down the dog's gullet;
  • going to Wal-Mart with only the two little dudes. Yup, shopping with just two kids is EASY!
  • picking up all the clothes Georgie spilled on the floor- the clean, folded clothes;
  • cleaning Joe's room with him;
  • picking paint colors for the kids bathroom.
  • vacuuming only once;
  • pulling Cole off the stairs only three times.

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