Sunday, April 10, 2011


51. The gift of my mother's group, a group I almost didn't join. I met a wonderful woman and fellow NICU mom through them!

52. The gift of allergies- flowers are blooming and spreading pollen! Spring is here!

53. The gift of annoying "bottle goats" at the petting zoo. Why? Because my Georgie TALKED and interacted with them! He loved them!

54. The gift of a strong willed Princess who loves "Tangled."

55. The gift of quiet and grandparents who take the kids for the afternoon.

56. A wonderful Christain rock concert. If you have not checked out Michael Jame Mette DO  IT. He's a contemporary Catholic musisican and is awesome!

57. MOPS is tomorrow!

58. Seven years of parenting a handsome big boy- Joseph turns seven this week!

59. Being done with pumping and able to pass on pumping supplies to another mom.

60. finishing an article for NPN last night.

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