Monday, February 21, 2011

Can you see me now?

I don't remember if I blogges about it or not but Georgie's first eye appointment was a complete and total BUST. When we walked in, the nurse asked if he could tell us shapes or colors. NO. He's TWO and non-verbal.

(Well, no, not totally but saying that is easier than talking about a speech delay or what have you.)

It went downhill from there. I think the doctor formed his, "Everything is fine" opinion before he saw Georgie. I was not impressed with the way he spoke to Georgie or Camille. Before he even dialated his eyes, I was ready for a second opinion.

A friend recommended a family eye care practice run by parishioners. We trotted over early this morning.

First, NEVER EVER EVER take four kids to the eye doctor. EVER. Enough said about THAT.

I was very pleased with this woman, who has three children of her own and really worked well with Georgie. She got down to his level, spoke to him and listened to my concerns. They dilated his eyes and then took the kids to play in a little playroom while the medicine took effect.

The good news is that his eyes are perfectly healthy and he uses both eyes equally. The bad news is she isn't totally convinced that everything is perfect. She feels that he might not be seeing "below" and wants us to monitor him for three months. We are to make sure he is looking down and noticing objects at his feet. In three months, she will see him again and then, if something looks worrisome, refer us to a neurologist. I heard the words "MRI."

I am actually doing okay with all this. I wish it had "just" been glasses and that we didn't have to wait 3 months but... I know, though, that if they have to do an MRI, I will be a nervous wreck!

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