Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 day blogging catch up

Day 2: The name of your blog
My all time fave book is Walden. Because we have a slightly hippie lifestyle and are on a constant quest to "go green" and all of us march to our own drummer, I became "WaldenMommy." When I started a new blog, I didn't want to be "WaldenMommy2" so I put the "and family" there. The offical title is "Life Behind the Red Front Door" because we have a red front door.

Day 3: A Photo of your and your friends
I don't have one- well, one I have premission to use on my blog anyway!

Day 4: A habit you wish you didn't have

Does yelling count? Cause, yeah.

Day 5: A picture of somewhere you have been to:
One friend put up a photo of Ireland.
Another put up a photo of NYC.
I give you... The Packers Staduim.

Day 6: Fave superhero and why:
I have no idea. Does Mrs. Incredible count?

Day 7: Someone or something that has the biggest impact on you:
Religion aside, how about . . .

and their father, of course!

Day 8: short term goals for this month:
Get back into the exercise swing of things because I have fallen off the bandwagon. Also, I need to get socks put away. Yes, I realize the latter is a lame goal.

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