Friday, November 26, 2010

Georgie Pordgie PuddinPie turns TWO!

Then and Now. Top, L to R: Georgie at his first Christmeas wearing a shirt that says, "All Mommy Want for Christmas is a Silent Night." My good friend and I went shopping two days before he was born. She passed on some "gut covering" shirts to me and I got that little onesie. After he was born, I nearly returned it in a fit of, "BUT I WANT MY BABY HOME AND CRYING!"
Georgie's NICU baptism.
Holding him.
A close up of him.

Now. And, yes, Joseph wore that shirt at 3.

Train decor.

Adam and Georgie building a dog at Build A Bear. Georgie has very few stuffed lovies so we thought he would like a dog. It was TRAMATIC stuffing the dog! He wanted it unstuffed! Then he wanted another Zhu-Zhu pet! Sorry kid.

Train blanket from Auna.

A Thomas Cake made by Adam. Georgie thought it was cool... until the next day, when Adam cut off Thomas' face and offered it to G. G looked horrified and refused to eat it.

Cole enjoyed the cake. Cole REALLY enjoyed the cake.

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