Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Takes Friday: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Fall

Fall is here. I love fall- flinging open the doors to let the cool breeze in, Halloween costumes, leaves, long walks after a boiling hot summer.

And yet, it ain't all sunshine and red leaves folks. I'm not sure where September went but October is here and we're rolling. It's been a dozy of a fall.

The good:

Yoga pants! I love, love soft cotton yoga pants on babies and little kids. They are so soft and comfy, look adorable and make changing diapers a snap. I hate, with a mad and undying passion, jeans with snaps in the crotch. The stupid things never stay snapped and are useless- USELESS- in diaper changes unless you want poop all over their clothes.
Ah, yoga (or "kicky" as we call them) pants. I wish I looked as cute in them as my little boys!

We walk to school every morning but Thursday. I love the long shadows, the crisp air, the relaxed hustle and bustle of the morning. And I LOVE taking the dog on a walk without passing out in the heat!

Pumpkin, oh how I love you. Okay, maybe not the pumpkin ice cream I brought during some random craving while pregnant with Georgie. I'll admit that that was gross. But pumpkin creamer, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice cake muffins, pumpkin cream cheese muffins... you get the idea.

The bad:
The weather in Kansas doesn't know if it is coming or going. I wear a nice pair of jeans and shirt in the morning to walk Joseph to school. By lunch, the crisp-ness is leaving the air. By the time 3:30 rolls around, I'm dying of heat stroke.

The damn dog is driving me nuts. I've lost count of the sippy cups he has eaten. He's chewed on a wooden puzzle that we've had for years. He barks, whines, poops in the house, jumps out windows and rips the leash out of my hands as he runs after another dog/cat/the stupid fake rabbit is someone's yard. If he had done ANY of this when we first met him, I would have put my foot down. As it is, he is in puppy school.

The ugly:
The snot. OMG, the SNOT. Georgie has horrible allergies and is constantly covered in boogers. It is so.gross.Sometimes the zytrec helps and sometimes... not. Camille is snoring and everyone is sniffing. I have a sinus headache at least once a week. Yuck.

Two words for ya: mandatory overtime. Adam's been going in before 7 and staying until 6:30. When Joseph gets home from school at 4, I have two hours of whining, fighting, crying and defience. I have to make dinner alone and eat with the kids alone and I am reminded how much I hate that. I also have to do after school activities alone. I am tired, and behind on housework. Yeah... can't wait until that is over!

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