Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silly Georgie Pudding Pie

Riding the "whoo-whoo" (train!)
This sheep walked right up to Georgie and followed us around the pen. He didn't pester him for food... just wanted to be petted!

Georgie is turning into quite the ham! He likes "whoo-whoo's" trains and was really happy when we turned on Thomas on TV! Round three of the Tommy-Hatt obession...

He also went pee pee in the potty twice! Today Adam caught him pulling down his diaper and I didn't take him to the potty... my fault, the kid peed on the floor and then went again in the potty!

He actually told a joke the other day. I was reading Joseph a baseball book and he came over, pointed to it and said, "Whoo-whoo."

"That's not a train book!"

He grinned and laughed before pointing to it and saying, "Whoo-whoo!"

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