Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food, Glourious Food!

It was hotter than hades this summer and I turned on oven on 3 times total- once a month to make a casserole for the soup kitchen. I made alot of skillet dishes this summer, used the crock pot and forced Adam to grill.

Our garden produced well and what grew grew in abudence! We had:

Cucumbers- by the bushel. We now have lots of pickles. The kids and I would eat 3-4 a day. They were so much more tasty than the ones in the store!
carrots- epic.failure.
tomatoes- one large bag turned into sauce, another large bag waiting to be made into sauce, several taking the place of canned ones in recipes.
peas- got a handful and then they died.
zuchinni- lots and lots of weirdly horn shaped zuchinni
pumpkins- 2 sitting in my kitchen waiting to be cooked and pureed into muffins. 2 more on the vine.

Since Adam has lost weight and wants to keep it off and I want to drop two more dress sizes, I have been trying to cook more (or rather, get back to cooking more) vegitarian based foods. I am trying to cut back on our animal fats in-take; mainly, meat and dairy. I'm still cooking meat, but just less per person per meal.

One new dish I tried was to marinate chicken in a dressing (I looove Kraft's sun dried tomato basil), dump the whole thing in a skillet, transfer to a serving dish, add chopped veggies to the skillet and maybe a liiiitttle more dressing. I cook them until they are crisp-tender and then add to the chicken.

We also loved cooked chicken with a wine-reduction, a creamy lemon sauce (canned cream of chicken soup with lemon added- I make my own) and steam asparagus or zuchinni. Simple and good.

Tonight, nothing is on the menu. Adam nixed my idea of a beef skillet because it is humid outside. I might just make a plain pasta dish; I'm currently too tired to cook!

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