Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Overheard: Joseph and Camille

My mother, sister, nephew and my herd went to a petting zoo the other day. While we were there, I saw some spider monkeys and pointed them out to Joseph. The animals were being silly and so was my kid, so I threatened to toss him in with them. My sister laughed and said, "Joseph, are you a monkey? Should we put you in the with monkeys?"

"Yeah, Auna, I can take those monkeys DOWN."

Because my mother and I have been up to the Arch once and once is enough thankyouverymuch, my sister took Joseph and Camille up with her. When they got to the top, Joseph looked out and said, "This isn't very safe, is it?"

A few weeks ago, Adam called to the kids, "Children! Come here!" Camille replied, "We not childrens, Daddy. We're a HERD."

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