Friday, April 30, 2010

I realized something this morning...

as I was pumping and listening to the storm roll in...

*if lightening stikes the house while I am pumping, that could get painful...

* if the power goes out for an extended period of time, Cole and I are up the fecal tributary without a means of transportation. I have mastisis (and another sore spot in my breast, go figure!) and while my hand pump is good, it is dying. Slowly. I'm horrible at hand expressing, have no formula on hand and just enough milk for maybe a day.

Breasfeeding is easy. Formula feeding is easy. Pumping and feeding EBM is not easy.


  1. Just wanted to say it brought tears to my eyes when I read this just now. Just....knowing that someone else can honestly understand the absolute PAIN, heartache and dedication it takes to pump and feed EBM. We did it for 2 years exclusively. And it was hell. But a hell I'd go through again in a heartbeat. HUGE hugs.

    Shannon (KCAP)

  2. I honestly don't know if I could keep this up for two years. Props to you! Pumping is lonely and isolating. The only thing that kept me going what knowing that there was a real, fixable problem. Had we not gotten this fixed, I think I would have scaled back pumping to only nightime and mornings so the other kids and I could, you know, have a life. And it would have KILLED me, and I would have boo hoo'd alot about it but I have 3 other kids to consider and this was wearing on them too.