Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are they trying to scare me? Or just insane?

So, now I look preg rather than just fat. And I waddle. It's pretty obvious someone is going to be exiting my body soon.

I was at Camille's dance class and had her, the 15 month old (almost!) and my giant moveable belly. It was a pretty zen day, which means my drugs were working. ;) (No, actually, it was fine!) I was chatting with another mother and she said, "Oh, these two are 16 months apart and it darn near killed me!"

I blinked. Is she trying to scare me? Make me nervous? What? I smiled and said, "Well, the first two are 21 months apart so I'm not worried."

Okay, seriously, I know Georgie's going to be jelous. I know we're going to have a rough couple of weeks. I figure we'd have a rough couple of weeks no matter how far apart my kids are. We all have to adjust to the demands of a new person in the house and I know Georgie will worry when I am gone for a day or two.

This is my FOURTH BABY in SIX YEARS. I think I have it covered. Some days are totally frazzled. I was ready to murder Joseph tonight. I mean, his name is THREE LETTERS LONG and he CAN WRITE. It WOULD NOT KILL HIM to write his name on Valentine's cards! But, honestly! Day to day the hardest part is the number of kids in 5 pt harnesses and from 5-5:30 pm. Other than that?

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