Wednesday, February 3, 2010

29 weeks: glacier, not a dam

Okay, so how does one gain 10 pounds in a week? I mean, we could go with "their scale is screwed up" or the constant MUST EAT NOW feeling. Or the birthday cookie cake. And Hershey's chocolate cake cupcakes. Yeah. That.

I had a "pants off" appointment since I have been having increase cervical fluid. I knew it wasn't an infection but we both wanted to make sure. It wasn't and everything is closed and "thick." The baby is laying diagional, which I think is good- he's keeping the pressure off the cervix. I think he spends most of his time transverse. You got a month, buddy, before we get on you to turn arse over head!

My doctor informed me that I should think of my mucus plug as a "glacier not a dam." Gross but funny and true!

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