Saturday, January 23, 2010

walking, walking, walking

Master Georgie, Jedi King of the House, has decided that walking is indeed a cool thing to do. He took his first solo steps about a month ago. Just this past week, he has been toddling around the house and within the past few days has picked walking over crawling.

He's soooo cute! He holds his fists up and has a giant grin on his face! He still walks with a limp, like a tiny drunken Jack Sparrow. But he is soooo proud of himself and loves it when we say, "Yay Georgie!"

He's talking more. He likes to point and say something that sounds like "right there." Of course, mama/mom comes out, although with the odd "baby" and "dere" (there.) Adam thinks he has heard "dog." "Brabra" (brother) and "baba" (bottle) are his favorites. And, man, is that kids addicted to his bottle! He has a habit. I saw a onesie that said, "I drink until I pass out" with a picture of a bottle on it. I would so buy it for him and pose him with his empties... but the largest it came was 12 months!

My little big dude.... getting to be so much a toddler and not a baby!

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