Monday, January 18, 2010

I was rockin until 9 am

I should have known something was up when the oven started smoking.

I got up at 6 am- against my will but I was showered, dressed and had my hair in curlers before 7 am. I popped G into his booster with frosted mini wheats and proceeded to make Oatmeal Blueberry muffins. I fed the kids and put the muffins in the oven.

The oven was smoking adn Adam figured it was due to spilled and dried oil on the bottom. Now maybe a smart person should have turned off the oven (OIL! FIRE!) but I finished the muffins and pulled them out to cool.

(I ate three. They are GOOD.)

Upstairs I dug through the bag from the junk drawer that I had cleaned out in a "clean out your junk drawer" challenge and found the oven manuel. To note a noteworthy event in and of itself, I READ THE MANUEL and then put the oven on to its clean feature.

With the oven happily cleaning, and diapers in the washer, Georgie and I found paper the size of some pictures I want to hang and taped them to the wall. Least you bow to my brillence, I read this in "Good Houseskeeping." I labeled the papers with what photos would, in theory, hang there and happily (abit somewhat crookedly) to the wall.

I defrosted the chicken for dinner AND altered the recipe a little my maninating the drumsticks in the dressing. I know, I was so cool, right? The only thing that would have made me super mom would have been having the kids help me with dinner.

I gave Georgie his bottle while watching Mindless TV and he fell asleep. I then found the paint chips for the dining room and taped THOSE to the wall. Now in addition to seeing where FOR SURE we want pictures to hang, we can make SURE of the paint color we want. (Nothing is worse than buyers remose except painters remorse.)

Back into the kitchen to screw around while the kids watched "Chuggyton"... and I hear a grinding from the laundry room. The machine is flashing an error signal. Did I meantion I had DIRTY, POOPY CLOTH DIAPERS in the washer... and they were stuck on RINSE?

(I know, I puked a little too.)

I called a friend and prefaced the call with, "What is the nasiest thing you can have in your washer when it breaks?" Sadly, Georgie was napping so I couldn't run the (nasty, soaked) diapers up to her place to wash them and we were running on opposite sceds today.

When Georgie woke at 10, I made the call to go to my in-laws. (Mooooooom!) They are out of town and I HATE HATE HATE running to people's houses without premission. I do operate on the "Would I mind?" premise and the answer is no, of course not. But not everyone thinks that way. Yet here I was, with soaked diapers and no shirts for the week (I was supposed to start our laundry that day!) AND wet sheets from where Georgie's diaper had leaked that night! I packed up the kids for swim lessons, a load of laundry, disposies in the diaper bag, wet diapers, and laundry soap (I need to use a Free and Clear for our skin) and went on our way.

Why, yes, we did stop at Chik Fil A! How DID you know? And I did, in fact, treat myself to an ice tea.

At the in-laws, I set the kids up, made sure the water was on and loaded the (smelly, wet) diapers into the washer to rinse. As the kids and I ate (and, yes, I ordered a super healthy lunch for me and still had some nuggets), I washed diapers on super hot and rinsed them. We left for swim lesson and came back to finish the diapers and my clothes. (I tramatized my toddler by tossing in his Mickey Mouse #2 and Boniga Monkey, who fell in mud. Adam informed me Boinga Monkey is not ment to go int he washer. He is when he falls in the MUD!)

I have been having stink problems with my diapers and need to switch laundry soaps. They are dry and clean but still stink slightly.

I cleaned up their house, lugged home wet laundry and checked on the oven. I wiped out the bottem, as per instructions, and preheated the oven for dinner. The kids watched more TV. I think their brains are coming out of their ears!

Adam got home and checked the washer. It chose to work. Since dinner was taking its slow time, I pulled out the leftover Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo from dinner the night before.

I notice the oven is NOT 425 degrees, like it says. The washer stops working, Georgie starts fussing (only one nap!), and I take him upstairs to put him to bed.

Adam dismantled the washer and found that the pump is broken. I guess after 2-3 loads a day for six years, I'd be brokent too.

We check the oven, stop the timer and re-start it. It preheats properly and cooks tonights dinner. I am glad tomorrow is Tuesday and our super busy night- dinner is already done!

Now the oven is making noises. My friend asked me on FB if anything in our house works. We have a microwave and toaster oven. We have heat and hot water from the tap. We have cable, two TVs, our DVD and Blu Ray players and one working computer.

Our dishwasher is still broken (but is int he mail!)

My computer is broken and since we just spent 150 on a new washer pump, it will be next month before it is fixed.

The washing machine is broken.

The tire on my jeep stroller is still broken.

The garage door was on the fritz but fixed... the only FORMALLY broken thing in this house!

I don't want to say it but... what's next?

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