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Second Annual Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway (Knit Mitts from Texture Clothing, ARV: $34) (12/6, 26 winners, US only, ARV: $2587.26)

Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (12/6, 24 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)

Texture Clothing is an eco-friendly company based in the Pacific Northwest. The creator, Teresa Remple,the under appreciated fabrics of our world. Texture’s clothing is designed with curvy woman in mind. The clothes are well cut and well sewn. According to their website, Texture is a “boutique without a pretense” and “clothing with a conscience.”
has an earth-first visions for
The website uses models with a variety of body types, skin tones and many of them have tattoos!

For the Gift Guide, Texture offered a pair of Knit Mitts (ARV $34.00). I received the mitts in the mail, along with a sweet note and a “look book” so I could see what else the company offered.
The Knit Mitts are made with leftover scraps of material, so the colors vary. My Mitts are brown and light blue. The hand part of the Mitt has the same texture as a t-shirt and the “arm” part is ribbed. Instead of covering my fingers, they are exposed. Texture offers a handy guide of 50 suggestions for things you can do with your Knit Mitts:

The real test came when  I went with my sons’ preschool to the pumpkin patch. It was a chilly day but the Mitts kept my hands warm. The long “arms” of the Mitts made sure that there was no gap between my Mitts and the wrist of my jacket sleeve. Because my fingers were free, I could easily pick pumpkins off the vines, help the children with jackets or shoe tying. It was so nice to not have to take my Mitts off to do simple tasks!

You can even open a container of cake
with your Mitts on!
I admit I was skeptical that these Mitts could keep my hands warm when my fingers were exposed. After all, when my hands get cold, my fingers are always the coldest part and take the longest to warm up. Yet my hands were nice and toasty! I wore the Mitts as I worked on the computer and typing was easy, even in my chilly front office.

The quality of the Knit Mitts is expectional. They are well made items with no loose strings or gaps. They are a little tight to begin with and loosen with wearing but have not become baggy or worn. I don’t expect them to either! I am really looking forward to wearing them this winter!

For your own chance to win a pair of Knit Mitts from Texture, or one of the 26 huge prize packages we're giving away, come back to this post on November 6th when our Rafflecopter widgets will go live for your chance to enter! Or you can visit Natural Parents Network on November 6th to see and enter to win all of our fantastic prize packages at once!

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