Reviews and Giveaways

WaldenMommy would be happy to review any items that relate to natural living, attachment parenting, or Catholicism/faith. This may include products such as:
·         High-quality toys, especially those that create toys with older children or children with special needs;

·         Religious items, such as Rosaries, toys, books, music and DVDs. We especially love to promote products that are fun, fresh, unique, modern and that would appeal to the young, growing generation of Catholics;

·         Clothing for all ages and sizes,  especially items that are hand crafted in the United States;

·         Health and beauty items for men, women and children;

·         Cloth diaper sellers and manufactures;

·         children’s books;

·         Parenting books, especially books related to Catholicism, special needs parenting and/or natural parenting;

·         Companies that promote organic or eco-conscience items for the home, such as cleaning supplies.

I love working with small business, particularly work at home mother/father ventures and businesses with a strong faith background. I welcome Etsy sellers, Ebay sellers and any company that caters to the needs of growing families.
Why a review and giveaway?

I will not recommend a product to my readers without having used it myself first. A giveaway is a small way of thanking readers for taking the time to read my review and consider your product. It is also a great way for them to try out a new product. Chances are, if they love the product, they will become a future customer!
A giveaway will be actively promoted on the social media networks, whereas “just” a review (with no giveaway attached) will not. Thus, a giveaway increases your exposure to future customers.
That said, I will consider reviews-only on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that I reserve the right to decline any products that I feel are not a good fit for my blog.
For my full review and giveaway policies, please e-mail me at waldenmommy (at) gmail (dot) com.